5 minute friday: lonely

I am participating for the first time (eeek!) with a great blogging community via 5 Minute Friday.  Lisa-Jo Baker suggests a theme, and bloggers can join in by writing for 5 minutes straight about the topic. No editing, no over-thinking. Just write, even if it’s not just right.


Chasing desires takes me far from where I belong. How often I spend the day seeking food, chasing approval, looking for affirmation from my children or other folks out there. What an enormous amount of time and energy I spend hungering and chasing these things.

That’s how yesterday went.

Today I woke up feeling like something was awry. True, my heart wasn’t right after all that chasing business yesterday. Worse than that was the miles I’d traveled on my hunt… my hunger and desires took me on many paths leading away from the only One that can really satisfy all of these longings.

Something was awry alright. But the best word for my heart this morning is lonely. I went to bed with so many things unfulfilled and woke up so far from Him. I woke up all by myself. Nothing achieved, really, Nothing gained, really.

All that chasing and I woke up empty-handed and lonely.

23 But I am always with you.
You hold my hand.
24 You lead me and give me good advice,
and later you will lead me to glory.
25 In heaven, God, I have only you.
And if I am with you, what on earth could I want?
26 Maybe my mind and body will become weak,
but God is my source of strength.
He is mine forever!
27 God, people who leave you will be lost.
You will destroy all who are not faithful to you.
28 As for me, all I need is to be close to God.
I have made the Lord God my place of safety.
And, God, I will tell about all that you have done.

Psalm 73 (ERV)


2 thoughts on “5 minute friday: lonely

  1. Oh, Jamie, I feel you. I so get the chasing. I think, though, it’s okay to feel far from God sometimes. The Celtic image of the Holy Spirit is a Wild Goose. So, perhaps in venturing on the Chase, you’re not as far from God as you feel. <3

    Love to you, my dear!

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