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Once again setting the timer and just writing for five minutes straight. My first shot was raw, the second was too contrived, so here we are again. I love the practice and perspective FMF provides! Today, bloggers are linking up at (in)courage rather than Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday site.

The topic today is worship. Ready, set, go…

It was one of those desperate, where-are-You-God?! kind of mornings. Nothing in me wanted to go to church, but off we went. Somewhere in my heart was resentment. Why God? There was a lot of disappointment in there too. Really God? Even some worry. Where ARE you, God?

The worship music had just begun when I entered the sanctuary. I found my seat and willed myself to focus. Reach out. I needed to hear from Him. I couldn’t go on without knowing that He heard me.

I closed my eyes and transported myself to that place. My favorite place. Walking on the beach… and there He stood. My Jesus. My questions had no voice as I stood there and just wept on His shoulder.

Suddenly the music in the sanctuary changed and the drums were beating a steady rythym. So loud that it jolted me from my peaceful place. Jesus was gone from my embrace.

Yet I heard the Father’s voice so clear, so kind.

Do you hear that?

That’s the sound of my Son coming.

I saw a new vision in my mind as the beach faded away. While the pounding drums continued, they transformed into the sound of hooves pounding. I saw Jesus, tearing through the clouds on a white horse toward me. In that moment, the drum’s beat in the sanctuary was truly the sound of Him approaching.

Again the Father’s voice.

That is how I respond when you call to Me.








Well, I went just a hair past the five minutes. I had to tell you what He said at the end! 🙂

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