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Discerning and following God’s will is something that we spend a lot of time and energy on as Christians. Honestly, I think that this has become yet another area where we turn to performing rather than trusting.

Jesus is a fantastic example for us when it comes to discerning and being obedient to the will of our Father. He made it look effortless…which is a sign to me that I should not be striving or performing.

In John 7:6-8, Jesus told his brothers that He wouldn’t be going with them to Jerusalem because “the right time for (him) had not yet (fully) come”.

Jesus had such an awareness of the Father’s sovereign will. He was tuned into God and had a clear sense about whether or not it was time to do something. He did not struggle with knowing the what. He knew that the key was waiting on His Father for the when. The phrasing in the original language of John 7:8 implies that Jesus was waiting for God “to make full, to make complete, to supply liberally, in full measure”.

Often, we have a clear sense of what God’s will is, but we do not wait for His timing. How often do we discern where He is leading, and then run ahead to accomplish it as though it were a checklist or an assignment? Truly, His will is 100% predicated on timing. His plan may be for me to make a family adjustment, step out into ministry, or make a career change, but if the time for me “has not yet fully come”, then it is NOT His will for me today. Ouch. Waiting is one of the hardest things to do, but it is possibly the most important key to obedience. We are often eager to do and perform what He wills, but we are not willing to wait and let Him be Lord and Master over it.

When our Father reveals a portion of His will to us, it’s like a movie preview. We get an exciting glimpse of what is to come, yet as the viewer, we have no responsibility to edit, produce, distribute or promote the movie. We need only wait for the feature to premiere!

God’s will is just that — God’s will! It is what He desires. It is what HE will accomplish in and through us. It is not for us to schedule, perform, or edit; we only have to yield and cooperate when the time has fully come.

Waiting is not torture, My child, when you do it in My embrace. Seek me out each day. Ask your questions. Tell Me your concerns. Pour out your heart. Do not perceive My delay as rejection or punishment. You have no way of understanding the magnitude of the plans that I have for you! My storehouse is full, and I cannot wait to deliver each of your blessings, promotions, breakthroughs, provisions, and miracles.  Will you wait? Will you trust Me? Will you take shelter under My mighty wing? Come, daughter. Come.


Keep waiting, my friend.




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