when I say that you are loved


Sometimes when shame infiltrates our core at a very young age, it can become a guiding force in our lives. Even though we know we’re saved, cleansed from sin and forgiven, we can still find ourselves operating out of that core of shame. It can lead to perfectionist tendencies, an inability to say no to others, a desire to hide our hearts from others, self-sabotage, and even addictive behaviors. We are either making decisions out of shame, or we are looking for ways to escape and numb the shame.  Continue reading

a word on control

My child,

So many things are out of your control. But they are not out of My control… they are in My hands.

If you were able to control everything in your life, then surely you would be responsible for how it all turns out. What an incredible amount of pressure to predict all of the variables of life and to protect all of the people involved. Are you really sure that you want to be in control? Continue reading