for the weary parent

At the Lord’s prompting, I will repost a blog from last summer for those who, like this momma, are growing weary on their parenting journey….


joel 2.28

Most believers would probably agree that we are either in the “last days” or at least approaching them. In that case, it’s very likely that we are raising the sons and daughters that this scripture speaks of.

When I talk to moms about their kids today, I often hear that spiritual gifts, anointing, and callings are already presenting themselves. We are living in a time when the voice of God needs to be heard more than ever. Our children may very well be His voice in the wilderness! I also hear about the ways that the enemy is attacking our children and I see that there is serious opposition to the godly generation that God is raising up within our families.

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the fellowship of brokenness


In August, I wrote about being broken, about the beauty and sweetness of embracing brokenness. Only when we are laid out before the Lord can He begin to repair us, rebuilding our faulty foundations and bringing healing to our wounded places.

For many of us, the barrier to brokenness is pride. We’ve been taught that being broken is bad. It means that we’re not good enough, therefore shame is often associated with being broken. We’d rather try to hold it together… and not face the reality of our wounds, the depth of our mess, the vastness of our needs. How ironic that we do this so much in the church. Rather than embrace our broken state and experience healing, we’d rather keep up our performance. Our happy, healthy, got-it-together performance.

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