the fellowship of brokenness


In August, I wrote about being broken, about the beauty and sweetness of embracing brokenness. Only when we are laid out before the Lord can He begin to repair us, rebuilding our faulty foundations and bringing healing to our wounded places.

For many of us, the barrier to brokenness is pride. We’ve been taught that being broken is bad. It means that we’re not good enough, therefore shame is often associated with being broken. We’d rather try to hold it together… and not face the reality of our wounds, the depth of our mess, the vastness of our needs. How ironic that we do this so much in the church. Rather than embrace our broken state and experience healing, we’d rather keep up our performance. Our happy, healthy, got-it-together performance.

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daughter heart

I have been tiptoeing around the perimeter of this post, knowing that I needed to put some things in writing, but a little fearful of the emotion that is bulging from a certain compartment of my heart. That daughter part of my heart.

It’s so heavy, yet freeing. It demands vulnerablility, yet brings comfort. I am fairly certain that I will do more deleting than typing as I press through the writing process here. Continue reading