when you need a new calling

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I’ve been running. Wrestling. Maneuvering. Pouting. Hiding. Controlling. Hollering. Learning. Growing.

While this blog has been sitting unattended, God has been putting the past couple of years of my life into perspective. Funny how we see things the way we want to see them, and in reality, we’re blind to all that God has orchestrated around us.

My heart was locked up. Hands clenched in a death grip on something:  my dream, my plans for my future. Oh, I could dress it up for Sunday church and make it look pretty spiritual.

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how did i get here?

Amazed this week to discover where I’m at in life. Who would have thought that I would have 3 kids, homeschooling two of them with a nursing baby in cloth diapers? With my daughter’s recent health issues, we are having to cut out nearly all cholesterol. We’re on the verge of becoming vegetarians, and I love it! My desire to cook and prepare fresh, healthy meals for my family is increasing. How did I become such a dedicated earthy homemaker?

I can tell you that all of these things come not from me, but from the Lord. The more that I let Him have the reigns in my life, the more that He transforms me into the woman He wants me to be.

I guess I’ll continue to let Him lead, and we’ll see where I end up and who I become.

Saw a friend at church last sunday that I hadn’t seen in a while. I asked the Lord to speak to me while I was struggling to get everyone to church on time (and alive). When I saw this friend, she said that she’d had a dream about me the night before. It was interesting…

When I got into the service and began to sing, I knew that the dream meant something. It was another way that God has been showing me that He has my future in His hands…

And the future is going to be awesome.