work in progress

I’ve had to remind myself… and a few others lately that we are all a work in progress. Just because we are grown-ups, or Christians, doesn’t mean that we have it all together. We are going to make mistakes….often the same mistake over and over!

What bugs me to no end is that the enemy convinces me on a regular basis that I am a failure. I wish that I were not so quick to believe what he whispers to me throughout the day. I need only to remember that I am God’s workmanship (Ephesians 2:10). I am His work in progress. He is not finished with me yet. If He can give me grace and forgiveness when I mess up, then why can’t I extend the same to myself? I believe it’s because I am too busy listening to the lies that the enemy keeps humming in my ear.

Yesterday, the Lord gave me a word of encouragement for a friend. I think He meant it for both of us… because I can’t shake it from my mind!

Satan is scared to death to let you become what God intends.

He is constantly at work to discredit God’s power. To disprove my worth. To disconnect me from the Lover of my soul. That stinker doesn’t want me to be transformed.

Last week I was fortunate enough to take a walk on the beach by myself.  I  stood there, overwhelmed with the sheer size of the ocean, as recent homeschool lessons on computing volume ran through my mind. As I stuck my toe in the largest body of water on earth – 64 million square miles – I thought about how I was standing on the edge of something so vast. Immediately, the Lord communicated to my heart that in my life, I am on the verge of something vast. Wonderful. Beyond my comprehension. Amazing. Life changing. I picked up a stone right there so that I would never forget what He told me.

We are all on the verge of something amazing. The more that we let God have our time, our energy, our will… He can transform us into the people that He wants us to be. Make no mistake – Satan has a boatload of schemes to keep us from that transformation. His fear is that we will become what God intends.

Tomorrow when you wake up and face opposition, remember that it is because the enemy sees the anointing upon you and he’s gotten a glimpse of what God has planned for you. Don’t listen to his lies for one minute. You are a work in progress. You are one step closer to glory. You are on the verge of something spectacular… and you are loved by the One who will make it happen!

sticky dough

I felt totally energized when I woke up this morning. Planned to get a shower, have a little time reading my bible and praying, and make scones for breakfast.

Well, I couldn’t get out of the shower because the water was so warm… and suddenly time was slipping away. I began to hurry.

I mixed the scone ingredients together and the dough was so darn sticky! I was in tears and so frustrated trying to get the dough portioned out on the stone for baking, now that the time had come to send my older daughter off with dad.

How quickly my own good attitude fizzled out. That stupid dough was God’s way of reminding me that I won’t get anywhere on my own power.

Initially, I skipped out on the quiet time with Him — and I didn’t get very far. The dough (and cascading meltdown) sent me straight to prayer and my devotional book. (Where I should have begun!)

Funny how God uses the littlest things to get my attention. Thankfully, I was paying attention this time.

When the scones came out of the oven… warm and sweet… I was reminded of how God can make something good out of any sticky mess.

Thank goodness.