insomnia or invitation?

For quite a long time, I have been waking up around 3:00 AM every day. I usually wake with anxiety, with some issue pressing on my chest like a hundred pound weight.

The anxiety is compounded with frustration at my sleep being broken for the millionth time. How will I function tomorrow? I’ll never get back to sleep. Then my thoughts drift back to the issue I’m anxious about: kids, work, church, what I ate yesterday, what I forgot to do yesterday…..  Continue reading

five minute friday ~ last


My first try at Five Minute Friday was pretty raw, and it was hard not to keep typing when the timer went off, but I’m giving it another shot! It’s good writing practice. The whole idea came from Lisa Jo Baker, who says that, “Writing is like a mirror, we see ourselves best in what we’ve written.”

Every Friday for close to three years, writers have gathered on her blog site for “a kind of free write flash mob”. The goal is to spend just five minutes writing on the same topic. And then bloggers link up on her site.

Today’s topic is “last.” Here we go…. Continue reading