speak to the past

Here is another post from a blog I no longer write for. I am slowly transferring all my posts to one place. This one is from August 2011.

I love how God works with us in such tangible and visual ways.

He is currently working in me to heal some old wounds. Funny how the healing process can be a bit painful at times. I am learning to trust Him and let Him work in me however He pleases.

A few Sundays ago, He impressed an image on my mind in church during worship. I was standing on a ledge with Jesus. We turned and saw this desolate scene:


I recognized it as the limestone formations blackened over time in the Cayman Islands. My husband and I stopped there on our honeymoon. Interestingly, the place is named Hell!

In my visual moment with the Lord, He said to me, “Speak to the past and say, ‘You will have no power over me.’ ”

Those dark and dry limestones are a fair portrayal of my past. Maybe yours too. Take heed to the word of the Lord! Your past has no power over you. Your Father God rises to cover you with healing in His wings. (Malachi 4:2)

photo credit: travel.usnews.com

four-letter word

I can’t believe that in the past 30 days, I have been sick 3 times. That’s more than the last year and half combined.  I really NEVER get sick!!

I know what this is about. It’s about a four-letter word that I have neglected. It’s something that I put last on the priority list. Something that I think I can do without.


In the middle of my stomach-flu stupor, I was reminded by my sweet-Colorado-blogging-homeschooling friend Gail… rest is SO important. She asked this question on her blog:

Have you learned what brings you rest?

I need rest!! I need to schedule time to be home alone for an hour or two at least once a week. That is the thing that re-energizes me the most. I also need to go to bed early a couple of times a week and let my hubby bring the baby to me for the last 11:00 pm feeding instead of waiting up. I need to decide at 10:00 am if a nap is on the schedule for the day… and make it happen.

If I don’t… well, we all know what will happen. I don’t want to go there again!! Lord, teach me to rest. I need to learn to rest. I need to learn how to make time to rest.