baby love

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It has taken some serious effort for me to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I’ve allowed myself to get overwhelmed multiple times with all of the things to do and all of the places to go. Yesterday at church, I decided to press in (with all the strength I could muster) to Jesus for the hour. I yearned to put my complete focus on Him and to push out all of that other stuff. Continue reading



Temptation is not a stage to perform upon. It is not a test to be aced. It is not an opportunity to please Me.

Temptation is one of many battles in the war between your flesh and My Spirit. Do not enter the battle in your own strength. Can the flesh fight against the flesh?

Submit to my Spirit. Recognize the situation for what it is — a battle. It is a battle that only I can win. And nothing pleases me more than to save the one who calls out to Me. Continue reading