a recovering perfectionist’s guide to homeschooling {part 3}


Choosing curriculum has to be one of the most difficult things in the homeschooling journey. First of all, there are just too many choices.  A mother can get very overwhelmed searching for just the right materials to use in each subject. Whether browsing online or in person, it’s difficult to know what will work best. As a recovering perfectionist, I went in to homeschooling with an unhealthly view of curriculum. Like many moms, I put too much emphasis on it. It was as if I believed that school could not go on, and I would not be able to teach, without the perfect curriculum. Continue reading

feast of trumpets

Our family has always had an interest in experiencing the feasts of the Old Testament. We see it as another way to experience God and learn more about who He is. Since so much of the Old Testament was designed by God to foreshadow Christ and His coming, when we participate in Jewish feasts, celebrations, and traditions, we see Jesus in each one. Though we are not required to observe these things, we are blessed by doing so.

When reading the Gospels, we see that Jesus celebrated the feasts. Why not follow in His footsteps? Although traditions have certainly changed since His time on this earth, the principle and the theme of each holiday remains the same. And again, there is much to learn. Continue reading