a recovering perfectionist’s guide to homeschooling {part 1}


I realize that a little over five years of homeschooling does not make me an expert on the subject. I haven’t graduated any students, but I haven’t throttled any either. How about if I just share some things I’ve learned on my homeschooling journey? I’ll be writing a few posts in this series.

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be commissioned


I was reading from Joshua this morning, and the words leaped off the page into my heart. I clearly heard the Lord commissioning me for this year of homeschooling. We started on this last Tuesday with a fantastic day, and each day following was a little less wonderful. 🙂

As I gear up for week two, I am much more aware of how mentally and emotionally demanding homeschooling is!  Without the excitement of week one, I am driven back to the feet of the Lord to ask for every ounce of strength, insight, and stamina that I will need for this week. Continue reading

spelling lesson

I realized something interesting today while helping my daughter spell a word. She was trying to write “wisdom”. While going through each letter with her, I noticed that the word “do” is encased in the larger word.

Profound moment!! What is wisdom, without the “do”?

What’s the point of learning, gaining insight, acquiring understanding… if we “do” nothing with it? Wisdom is knowledge in action. It’s insight and awareness playing out in our everyday lives.

I may have an understanding that God is faithful, that His word is true, that He will never leave me or forsake me. However, walking a narrow path with desperate circumstances will allow me to practice what I understand.

Knowing becomes doing as I live out my belief in His faithfulness and love.

Lately, God is trying to teach me that the only thing I need is more of Him. I don’t need a set routine or schedule. I don’t need fancy homeschool curriculum. I don’t need a full checking account. I only need Him. I only need to feel the strength of His arms as He carries me through each moment of the day.

We’re finishing our fourth week of homeschooling… and I have to say that it’s gone completely different from what I expected! My 16 month old has given up his regular sleep routines, so everyday is different.  All of a sudden, he’s waking up at different times and varying the length of his naps. I never know how the day is going to go… I just have to hold on to Jesus. I am learning to be flexible. The structured routine is gone. The traditional way I taught school is not really compatible with an ebb-and-flow routine. My girls are becoming more independent students, and this former control-freak is growing more comfortable with letting them choose their rhythm and pace for the day!  I am becoming a much more creative and flexible teacher.

The Lord is revealing understanding and truth, and I am gaining wisdom as I “do” what He asks each day. Trusting in Him is no longer an idea or a belief.  Trusting in Him isn’t my plan B… after my plans have gone awry.  Trusting is what I “do” because I believe that He’s got me in His hands… it’s becoming a habit.

I’m slow… but I’ll get there!