when I say that you are loved


Sometimes when shame infiltrates our core at a very young age, it can become a guiding force in our lives. Even though we know we’re saved, cleansed from sin and forgiven, we can still find ourselves operating out of that core of shame. It can lead to perfectionist tendencies, an inability to say no to others, a desire to hide our hearts from others, self-sabotage, and even addictive behaviors. We are either making decisions out of shame, or we are looking for ways to escape and numb the shame.  Continue reading

raising samson


joel 2.28

Most believers would probably agree that we are either in the “last days” or at least approaching them. In that case, it’s very likely that we are raising the sons and daughters that this scripture speaks of.

When I talk to moms about their kids today, I often hear that spiritual gifts, anointing, and callings are already presenting themselves. We are living in a time when the voice of God needs to be heard more than ever. Our children may very well be His voice in the wilderness! I also hear about the ways that the enemy is attacking our children and I see that there is serious opposition to the godly generation that God is raising up within our families.

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a done deal

I was very intrigued by this verse that I read today:

“For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.” Heb 10:14 NIV

“For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.” Heb 10:14 NKJ

This verse speaks of one thing that is done and one thing that is ongoing. By one action, one death, one sacrifice, my sins are atoned for. That business is done. The word “perfected” means completed, finished, accomplished. The never-ending forgiveness of my sins has been accomplished.

While the issue of sin and forgiveness is done and settled, I am still being sanctified. That business is ongoing. I am still being set apart, consecrated, transformed. I am still being shaped into Christ’s image and being used by Him in increasingly effective ways.

The enemy wants me to get the truth of this scripture mixed up. He wants me to think that the process of my atonement is ongoing. I have to perform in order to be worthy and forgiven. I am setting aside these lies and standing confidently in the truth that I am forgiven. It is done. The sins that you and I will commit later today and tomorrow are already covered. Praise God!