a word on control

My child,

So many things are out of your control. But they are not out of My control… they are in My hands.

If you were able to control everything in your life, then surely you would be responsible for how it all turns out. What an incredible amount of pressure to predict all of the variables of life and to protect all of the people involved. Are you really sure that you want to be in control? Continue reading

the fellowship of brokenness


In August, I wrote about being broken, about the beauty and sweetness of embracing brokenness. Only when we are laid out before the Lord can He begin to repair us, rebuilding our faulty foundations and bringing healing to our wounded places.

For many of us, the barrier to brokenness is pride. We’ve been taught that being broken is bad. It means that we’re not good enough, therefore shame is often associated with being broken. We’d rather try to hold it together… and not face the reality of our wounds, the depth of our mess, the vastness of our needs. How ironic that we do this so much in the church. Rather than embrace our broken state and experience healing, we’d rather keep up our performance. Our happy, healthy, got-it-together performance.

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not just for prophets


Then the Lord said to me, “Look, Jeremiah! What do you see?”
And I replied, “I see a branch from an almond tree.”
And the Lord said, “That’s right, and it means that I am watching, and I will certainly carry out all my plans.”
Then the Lord spoke to me again and asked, “What do you see now?”
And I replied, “I see a pot of boiling water, spilling from the north.”
“Yes,” the Lord said, “for terror from the north will boil out on the people of this land….
Jeremiah 1:11-14

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