five minute friday ~ last


My first try at Five Minute Friday was pretty raw, and it was hard not to keep typing when the timer went off, but I’m giving it another shot! It’s good writing practice. The whole idea came from Lisa Jo Baker, who says that, “Writing is like a mirror, we see ourselves best in what we’ve written.”

Every Friday for close to three years, writers have gathered on her blog site for “a kind of free write flash mob”. The goal is to spend just five minutes writing on the same topic. And then bloggers link up on her site.

Today’s topic is “last.” Here we go…. Continue reading

be commissioned


I was reading from Joshua this morning, and the words leaped off the page into my heart. I clearly heard the Lord commissioning me for this year of homeschooling. We started on this last Tuesday with a fantastic day, and each day following was a little less wonderful. 🙂

As I gear up for week two, I am much more aware of how mentally and emotionally demanding homeschooling is!  Without the excitement of week one, I am driven back to the feet of the Lord to ask for every ounce of strength, insight, and stamina that I will need for this week. Continue reading

water wheel

I just returned from a retreat for homeschooling moms. God took our simple plans for a refueling, reviving weekend and He blew it out of the water!  The theme was “From Empty to Overflowing”. We talked a lot about allowing the Lord to fill us. Several times we delved into Psalm 23 and listened to what God had to say about His plans to fill us and provide for all of our needs. I learned so much from Him this weekend.

I have to admit that one thing I resent about mothering is the constant serving, constant demands, constant turnover of laundry, dishes, messes, food, etc.  How futile and unappreciated many of my responsibilities seem. I have been praying like crazy for God to fill my heart with joy as I serve at home. I long to be filled with joy no matter how many times I have to clean something, cook something, put something away.

I realized this weekend that my problem is that I want to be filled by the Lord, but I do not want to be emptied out! Each moment that I spend seeking His face and pouring through the pages of His word results in the filling of my “cup”.  God showed me that the reason He fills me is not so that I can stay full.  He does it so that I can be poured out into the lives of others around me. Then I can go back to Him and be filled anew… to be poured out again.

God brought to mind a water wheel, and I thought about how each nook collects water on the lower part of its journey and then pours the water out on the upper part of its journey. The wheel goes around and around, repeating the same actions over and over again. To look at one revolution of the wheel, one would not be impressed with the outcome. However, as it moves through countless cycles, energy is produced. The wheel shows its effectiveness by plodding away, hour after hour, never giving up on its assigned work.

What a picture of motherhood.

I’m asking the Lord to fill me with joy and to remember that the repetitive revolutions of my day are accomplishing the great work that He has called me to:   raising educated, respectful, passionate children that will love Him and go wherever He wants to send them.

So, here I go again….