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Although it feels funny to write about myself in the third person, here is my speaker bio:

Jamie De Silvia couldn’t have been more broken when she first heard about God’s love in 1986. When she met Jesus, Jamie was completely controlled by fear and shame. Through His grace and power, God has healed and transformed that abused teenage girl. Now she is His vessel, used by Him to share about His love and truth.

Early in her Christian life, Jamie was extraordinarily affected by the transparency of a Christian leader that invested in her. At that time, she made an oath to God that she would be forever “real” with others. Today, the Spirit of God continues to require unguarded transparency, often leading her to share about personal experiences of emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Jamie has learned that there is nothing better than being in the middle of God’s will, no matter how uncomfortable that might be.  While the world invites God’s people to live in a fantasy world of easy choices and no consequences, Jamie feels compelled to invite people to meet Jesus face to face and allow Him to have total access and control in their lives. The Lord speaks powerfully through Jamie, calling audiences to deeper spiritual living with powerful, practical truth for the real Christian life today.

The Lord has currently assigned Jamie to teach the Word of God in Riverside and Corona, California. She has also been His vessel as the keynote speaker at Christian retreats and homeschooling events. Today, God continues to open doors for speaking in other venues.

“I was touched and challenged as God worked powerfully through our speaker this weekend. Jamie’s story, honesty, depth, and even humor brought a unique blend of tears and chuckles all the while pointing me to the open, merciful and loving arms of Jesus Christ.” —Jen, attendee, ‘Divine Secrets of the Yahweh Sisterhood’ retreat

“You will be encouraged and inspired as Jamie shares her own life experiences in her personal walk with Christ.” —Keri, Women’s Retreat Coordinator, Crossroads Christian Church

“Jamie brings an ease and comfort to her teaching that causes you to feel like you are at home in her living room sharing the deep things of God.”—Kathryn Leonard, of Kathryn Leonard Ministries

To inquire about booking a speaking engagement, contact jamiede319@yahoo.com

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